EEPU participates in concluding contracts between schools and local authorities on terms of salary, working and living conditions. EEPU participates in the negotiations with the Estonian Government and in the tripartite negotiations over social guarantees etc. between the Government, trade unions and employers.

EEPU (Estonian Educational Personnel Union):

  • organises seminars and training for the members,
  • gives legal advice and information through mailing list,
  • assists unemployed members with subsidies,
  • participates in compiling bills and draft reports,
  • arranges protest actions, if needed, to defend the legal rights of members,
  • in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Research organises the competition of the Teacher of the Year,
  • together with the School Sport Association organises sports activities for teachers,
  • partially finances the Male Choir of Teachers etc.

One of the main tasks of the member unions is through collective bargaining to promote the working and salary conditions of members, instruct and direct the local trade union organisations.