Truth About Powerful Break Up Spells

Break them up spells

Break Up Spells

We knew we were going to meet one of the most powerful enchanters alive, but still were astonished to see the power radiated by him. Spellcaster Maxim radiates power like any other real gifted sorcerer. Unfortunately, such people are rare today. We talked to Maxim in order to find out the truth about break them up spells People use break up spells against their enemies, the lovers of their significant others, and people they’re jealous of. This kind of magic is quite dangerous, so we decided to discuss it with someone with in-depth knowledge of the subject and first-hand experience in magic. Spellcaster Maxim kindly agreed to meet with us and answer our questions. To be more precise, Maxim answered not our questions but the questions we receive from our readers.

We started with what we think is the most important question. We asked spellcaster Maxim why most readers fail to cast spells properly following the recipes published online. Maxim replied that the majority of websites today that are supported to contain paranormal or occult content are fake. They contain made-up rituals that can’t influence people or reality.

Sorcerers don’t study magic online. They spend thousands of dollars purchasing rare books about magic and sometimes have to pay a fortune for an opportunity to spend a few hours reading a book. As a rule, they’re not allowed to take pictures or make copies of the pages or even make any notes. They’re only allowed to read a book and memorize as much as they can. But it’s worth every penny. The magical power of a spellcaster is shaped by the knowledge he acquires throughout life. The more rituals he masters, the more difference he can make.

We asked if spellcaster Maxim knows any powerful break up spells and he replied he knows hundreds of them.

Our readers are wondering if break up spells can break up any couple. Maxim relied a relationship is like a rock. There are many types of rock. Some of them are fairly soft and can break apart or crumble easily. Others are so strong that even dynamite can’t destroy them. Suck rocks require special complicated and time-consuming destruction techniques. Less experienced enchanters agree to work with all couples. They take their chances with their spells so they don’t really care if a relationship is strong or not. Also, relationships damaged by indifference, jealousy or infidelity are easier to end and the partners can be easily turned against each other.

Even though today about two thirds of all relationships are one step away of collapsing (this step can be another fight, insult, forgotten anniversary, love affair), many relationships are still quite strong. To break them up, a trained and experienced spellcaster who is able to cast the most powerful breakup spells, needs to be engaged.

Break up spells that work fast

We asked what the best way to cast break up spells that work fast is. Spellcaster Maxim replied that all information can be found on his website. Of course, we visited it and found a lot of great magical recipes and decided to share a few of them with our readers.

For example, you can make someone fall out of love with you if you have a metal object that belongs to this person, a couple picture and two hairs – one hair from your scalp and one hair from his scalp. Put the object in the water and wait until you see some rust. Then put the rust on a napkin, and light a candle. The candle color is chosen based on the age of the target:

- Under 20 years old – orange;

- 20 to 25 years old – yellow;

- 25 to 35 years old – green;

- Over 45 years old – blue.

When the wax melts, add a drop of red ink. Tie the hairs together and put them away. Rub the rust from the metal object over the photo. Then bring the photo to the flame and burn the part showing the person who you want to be free from. Then bring the hairs to the flame and burn down the knot. Put the hairs apart. That’s it. The target will start falling out of love with you in a few days.

The next break up spells that work immediately are good if you want to end your marriage or relationship that you’re tired of. Buy a new bedding set and dinnerware set for one person. On the chosen day (during the waning crescent moon phase) throw out your old dinnerware and replace it with the new one. Put the new bedding set on the bed where you sleep with the lover you’re no longer in love with. Throw out the old set too.

When a ritual requires you to throw anything out, remember that you should put it in a trash bag, take the bag out and toss it into a trash container. Make sure the garbage truck picks up the trash shortly.

Now walk around your house and collect seven objects that are directly related to your marriage – such as your couple photos, gifts, souvenirs, something you both value – into a black plastic bag. Take the bag into a forest, cover it with dry glass, set fire to it, and utter the following incantation with your eyes on the fire:

“Your feelings for me dry up like this glass. The grass can be revived with water but it’ll die like my love for you has, if you set fire to it. The wind will catch up the ashes and take them away. You (your spouse’s name) will leave me and never come back.”

Some break up spells that work instantly can be put on a third party relationship. The lovers should be dating but not be married to each other. Married couples’ relationships are structurally different. As strange as it is, a wedding is a powerful magical ceremony. For this reason married couples can’t be broken up with home hexes.

How to cast break up spell that cant be removed

Break up spells that work fast

Spellcaster Maxim casts such spells without ever judging his clients. He can cast a strong break up spell that can’t be removed, weakened or resisted. Maxim is so powerful that any couple with his spell on them is doomed.

Take a box with a cover and cover the inside with red paper or paint it with red paint. Red is the color of fighting, lost control and destructive passions in magic. Visit seven people who recently broke up or got divorced and who are still single, and ask them for a fruit or a vegetable. Bring the fruit and veggies home and put them in the box. Put a chicken egg in the middle of the box.

Close the box and don’t open it for one week. On the eighth day open the box and inspect the contents. If the fruit and veggies still look fresh, a home spell won’t break the lovers up because their love is too strong. It means you’ll need to hire a trained spellcaster. If some of the contents are dry, close the box and throw it out. You’ve just seen that the lovers are going to break up shortly. It means you don’t need to use a black ritual and put your karma at risk.

If all of the fruit and veggies turn out to be rotten, continue your ritual. Take the egg, go to the couple’s place and put it in the fridge to the other eggs without the lovers knowing. That’s it. You’ve done what you could. The spell was activated the moment you entered their home. In about 20 minutes say good bye and leave. Don’t come back for 2 weeks. Just remember that if your break up spell doesn’t end their relationship in 2 weeks, you need to consult a proven spellcaster because you’re not meant for magic and your fate doesn’t allow you to change reality.

Break up spells that work

Real break up spells that really work can be used effectively only by trained sorcerers. To access magical power, they study magic for years and go through a magic initiation. This allows them to change reality, fates, give love and take it away.

For some reason people believe magic is easy. They believe they can handle magic, while they don’t dare to go into the restaurant’s kitchen and cook along with the chef or go on stage during the show of a popular music band and sing along. However, when they try to perform magic, they become disillusioned pretty fast and eventually make the only right decision – to hire a trained expert and pay for professional magic services.

Spellcaster Maxim offers affordable magic services, including break up spells that work. You’ll see the results within a few weeks, depending on how strong the relationship is and how much the partners love each other. As a matter of fact, they’ll never know it was magic that destroyed their relationship. They’ll think their relationship has just run its course. So feel free to contact spellcaster Maxim any time and watch the magic happen.